Whilst this is not mandatory it has become clear that a SEF is a fantastic tool when you have an Ofsted inspection due.  Your Ofsted inspector will use your self-evaluation form to plan for inspection.  This can be very useful to both parties and can help reduce the amount of time the inspector spends with you.  It will provide evidence of the quality of your provision.

Even if you choose not to submit a SEF to Ofsted, to self-evaluate your practice is an invaluable way of looking at your main strengths.  It will highlight any areas for improvement and help you put together an achievable and realistic plan of improvements identified.  Once you have written your SEF

It can be used as a reminder of training that needs updating or as a wish list of things you would like to do and a date by which you would like to achieve this.

The workshop is designed to firstly ensure you are able to successfully complete a SEF.  This document becomes a tool for improvement and assists with CPD and any future Ofsted inspections.

  • DATE: TBA – 10am to 12.30pm
  • VENUE: Bromley Churchill Library



Completing SEF form correctly
How to use SEF as an ongoing reflective tool and as part of your CPD
How to use the EYFS to complete each area of SEF
Look at the ways a completed SEF can help you to prepare for an inspection
How Ofsted inspectors use SEF  to model and conduct your inspection
Look at SEF as a way of enhancing good practice
How to use your SEF as a working document once it is completed

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